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Advantages and benefits

The device is fitted with a universal connector, which makes it easy to snugly  attach the entire assortment of sleeves for hands, feet, stomach and buttocks.  The different colors and shapes of the fittings prevent improper connection to the device valves and guarantee proper function of the device.  The software lets you use a touchscreen or flashdisk to operate the device using the basic regime, where the speed of the pressure waves and the resultant pressure in all sleeve chambers is constant, or the GRADIENT regime, where the pressure in the sleeve chambers drops from the periphery to the center.

A flashdisk can be programmed for a particular regime using any of the fifty eight standard massage and kneading programs to treat the extremities, hips or buttocks or in combination with a fixed pressure treatment ranging from 0-12 kPa.  Physicians with card readers can use the flashdisk  to examine patient history.

The device can be controlled manually with touch buttons or by inserting a flashdisk into the designated place on the machine. The treatment itself is an integrated process, upon completion of which the device switches to stand-by regime and the sleeve empties itself.

For 8.14 type devices, when the selected treatment period ends or the number of selected cycles is completed, the sleeve empties automatically via forced suction. The device is also designed to work in vacuum mode. When combined with special accessories, the device can be used for vacutherapy.

The course of therapy can be monitored on a light display, where 7-14 LED diodes indicate active chambers and also display the parameters of the therapy currently underway (pressure, time, gradient, type of program and type of sleeve).

PNEUVEN devices make it possible to individually adjust the number of chambers used. The INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM function is used in cases where for any reason (typically for open wounds or other defects) it is necessary to turn off a certain cell or cells.

A popular feature among users is the FAVORITE THERAPY function, which enables patients to quickly begin a particular frequently used therapy with pre-set parameters.  It is possible to store up to 6 favorite therapies or to modify the settings for stored therapies.

What are the advantages of the device?

  • constant pressure regime and gradient regime
  • simple and clear touch controls, illuminated display
  • simultaneous presso and vacu functions
  • programmable flashdisk
  • individual programs according to user needs
  • storage and quick start of favorite therapies
  • modification of therapy parameters (pressure) during therapy
  • automatic suction emptying of the sleeve attachments, non-programmable smart card 

For physicians and patients

Home treatment

Use of PNEUVEN  devices for home treatment:

  • If the insured person meets the requirements of his or her insurer, the treating physician may prescribe a device for home treatment, including the appropriate type of sleeve.
  • A voucher for therapeutic and orthopedic aids approved by the reviewing insurance company doctor is first submitted by the patient or the treating physician directly to the business department of our company, which then processes the order.
  • The public insurance provider covers 100% of the cost of the device, which it then lends to the patient for home treatment.  The insurance company covers 75% of the sleeve, the patient pays for the rest (25%).
  • Before receiving the medical device, it is necessary to sign a Loan Agreement.
  • Vouchers can only be used to obtain medical devices prescribed by a physician
  • The devices which may be prescribed are the PNEUVEN BEVUK 4.7 LS/K STANDARD class intended for home treatment, including select types of sleeves.
  • The device is typically lent to the patient for a period of 60 months, a sleeve may be prescribed once for two years following prior approval by our employee.

 As of September 1st, 2012, the devices are listed in group 13 of the VZP insurance code book under the following codes:

  • PNEUVEN BEVUK 4.7. LS/K device with smart card  – code 0063990
  • Sleeves
    • Arm sleeve, 7 chambers, designation N7R – code 0011207
    • Arm sleeve, 7 chambers with shoulder, designation N7RR - code 0093179
    • Arm sleeve, 7 chambers, atypical, designation N7RA - code 0093318
    • Leg sleeve, 7 chambers, L 900mm, designation N7N – code 0011208
    • Leg sleeve, 7 chambers, L 800mm, designation N7N – code 0039571
    • Leg sleeve, 7 chambers, atypical, designation N7NA - code 0093319
    • Sleeve for lumbar region and buttocks, 7 chambers, designation N7BH – code 0023082
    • Sleeve for lumbar region and buttocks, 7 chambers, atypical, designation N7BHA - code 0093320

Preparations are currently underway to include the innovative PNEUVEN MEDI 6.7 device and sleeve (pants) for legs, lumbar region and buttocks in the VZP code book.

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About the company

1992 The history of the manufacture and sale of PNEUVEN brand devices dates back to 1992, when part of the former Metals Research Institute in Panenské Břežany became EKO-VUK, spol. s r.o., a company founded to pursue this line of work
1993 As early as 1993, the company became the first in the Czech Republic to manufacture a device working on the principle of sequential compression drainage designed for the treatment of lymphatic swelling, chronic venous disease, and for rehabilitation and regeneration.  It also became one of the few manufacturers to design and manufacture its own device accessories – sleeves

Based upon its extensive experience and collaboration with experts, from 2009 – 2011 the company redesigned the entire line of PNEUVEN devices. The innovative and newly designed devices offer a wide range of new user functions.

2012 As of April 30th, 2012 and in accordance with the plan for splitting up the company, the universal legal successor of EKO-VUK, spol. s r.o. for the manufacture, sale and service of PNEUVEN devices and accessories became EKOVUK MEDI, s.r.o., headquartered at Na Maninách 1590, 170 00 Prague 7, IČO: 286 09 638.